Two Weeks!

It seems like forever since I wrote my last post. A lot has happened. One of my favorite stories is that I have been “Sherlocked” before I even wrote one line of code. On the new macOS Big Sur Beta, there is now a clock widget for displaying multiple time zones. So there is a feature I do not have to write!

In oder to make my work life better I am in the process of moving my ham desk from the shop to my office. I am about 90% moved. It was just too hard moving back and forth to work. I have added a second display to the MacMini to help my workflows.

Oh, and the squirrels decided to chew my 80m loop in two places. Ahh fun. So antenna work and coding, nice mix.

The systems design is evolving a bit and I will publish some more about that soon. As I mentioned before I am developing the software in SwiftUI so I can move between platforms. I found a really nice short course at If you are coding check them out!

So welcome to August 2020 and I hope to be back on HF soon.

73 KE9A